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Cyrus provides scientific answers to the questions we all ask ourselves about the world around us. Each of the 12 volumes satisfies our curiosity about astronomy, flora, fauna, the human body and much more. An online index makes searching easy. In each volume of this one-of-a-kind encyclopedia, you’ll meet dozens and dozens of curious people who, like you, always want to learn a little bit more. It can also provide answers in a nutshell to such questions as: Why is the sky blue? How do bones grow? Why don’t spiders get caught in their own webs?

Over 340,000 copies sold of the series’ first edition.

Earth and space, phenomena and inventions
Animals, their habits and characteristics
Plant trees, flowers and everything that grows
People, their bodies and their lives
Curious questions


Between 152 and 168


140 mm × 191 mm
(5 1/2 in. × 7 1/2 in.)





12 Volumes

Volume 1

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What does Cyrus enjoy most of all? Sharing his knowledge with those who, at any time of the day wherever they are, seek him out for answers to their questions.

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